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On Apocalyptic Hyperobjects and Integral Meditation

“On Apocalyptic Hyperobjects, Current Riots in our Westworld, and the Integral Meditation Practice to Cultivate Meta-Awareness”

This year has proven to be challenging, indeed! It is full of sociocultural, medical, economical, and psychological turmoil for many people across the world. Large-scale events erupted and interrupted continuities of our everyday existence. 2020 can be called The Year When the Earth Stood Still—and Discontinuity and Discord prevailed. Multidimensional non-linear processes look like thousands of runaway trains—running in every possible direction (including mutual collisions and miraculous rescues). <…>

Currently, we are also witnessing the intensity of #BlackLivesMatter mass riots and protests in the United States with discussions of racism, marginalization, inequality and injustice, as well as dangers of state’s use of advanced technologies (such as AI) to unilaterally control people and whole societies. This has reverberated across the Western World (I almost wrote “across the Westworld,” for much of what’s been happening this year seems to have been predicted by Jonathan Nolan and his team of creators of the Westworld futuristic television series), with protests reaching beyond USA into such countries as the United Kingdom and France. <…>

What the World needs now seems to be enacted means and ways to cultivate Integral Awareness—the phenomenological capacity to see (aware) the World as translucent and whole—and Integral Consciousness—the structural capacity to grok and contain that awareness in the embodied and embedded opening/spaciousness of our individual and collective being-in-the-world. The whole totality of continuous and discontinuous multilinear pathways and trajectories of our human kosmos can be conceived as consisting of numerous hyperobjects—enormous constellations of occasions which are utterly beyond our ordinary mind (and what Clare Graves, Don Beck and Ken Wilber call first-tier thinking and modes of being) and our pitiful linear sensations of time and space.

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