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True progressive awareness

Truly progressive thinking is not some particular set of sociopolitical beliefs— however benevolent and avantgarde they may seem—limited to a specific locality and temporality, a particular party of thought.

Truly progressive mind is luminous and vibrant spaciousness that endlessly and seamlessly and brightly and spontaneously integrates forms of being across time and space, itself an empty transcendent container that encompasses all, while not being tainted by anything, always already pure and radiant and innocent.

True progressive awareness is that which ascends—and transcends—the glorious mountains of Tibet at the same time as exploring the living city shrines of Europe and crossing the tundras and taigas and great rivers of Siberia and visiting the plains of Africa and rainforests of South America and welcoming the red hills of Georgia and the wetlands of Louisiana, while simultaneously inhabiting all other places of our globe—and even the entire Solar system.

True progressive awareness extends beyond space and horizontal awareness by lovingly embracing verticality of time, including the best of ancient tribal consciousness, axial-age imperial consciousness, medieval consciousness, modern, postmodern, metamodern, hypermodern consciousnesses, and so on.

Photo © Alexander Khimushin, The World in Faces
Photo © Alexander Khimushin, The World in Faces

• A magic psychosomatical world and acute perception and dexterity of the hunter-gatherer,

• a grandiose single-truth mythic faith and compassionate love for one’s people of the old-days religious heart,

• a mental and rational inquisitiveness and progress-oriented worldcentric activity of the conscientious man and woman of modernity,

• an abundant multivariate plurality and equal yet fluid demarginalizing attention to the differences of the self-inquiring sensitive emancipator,

• a global integrative vision and flexible strength to prioritize and create truly evolutionary streams and healthy holarchies of activity of the holistic synthesizer,

• a cosmotransplanetary, transdimensional and transtemporal embrace of the integral awareness that aspires to notice all the nuances while encompassing all the living forests in their growth and decay and new growth (including the endless jungles, plains and hills and seas and entire vast oceans of individual and collective interiority)

—all of those are co-inhabitants of the kosmouniverse, a primordially seamless polyphony of voices, meanings, conscious structures and unconscious processes dancing their moves in each and every direction and dimension as eternal life-pulsation expresses its dynamic self-sung hymn of freedom, of order out of chaos, of the miraculous self-evident firework of existence, of there being something rather than nothing, the greatest mystery of all there is.

True progressive awareness is that which encompasses all the limitless potentialities of the eternal Now—in a single gulp, in an elegant gesture of awakened self-arising of the boundless horizon, in which eternity bows to the atemporal timelessness and endless extensions of matter pay homage to the aspatial intensity of unqualifiable primordial presence.

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