Integral Dialogue: David S. Elliott on Attachment Psychotherapy for Adults

The interview with clinical psychologist David Elliott is about attachment psychotherapy for adults and the book Attachment Disturbances in Adults (co-authored with Daniel P. Brown). The interviewer is Eugene Pustoshkin, clinical psychologist, chief editor of Eros & Kosmos. The video has subtitles in English, Russian, and other languages.

David S. Elliott and Eugene Pustoshkin

David S. Elliott (USA) — clinical psychologist, specialist in psychotherapy; PhD in Psychology from Harvard University; co-author (with Daniel P. Brown) of the book Attachment Disturbances in Adults which introduces a method for comprehensive correction of attachment dysfunctions; a faculty member of the Harmony Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia; he teaches internationally on attachment, personality, and psychotherapy process. The Integral Dialogue series. Co-authored by Eugene Pustoshkin and Tatyana Parfenova. An initiative of the Integral Space project and the Eros & Kosmos online journal/magazine. The video was recorded in St. Petersburg on January 24, 2020 (first publication May 13, 2020).

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