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Integral Dialogue: David S. Elliott on Attachment Psychotherapy for Adults

The interview with clinical psychologist David Elliott is about attachment psychotherapy for adults and the book Attachment Disturbances in Adults (co-authored with Daniel P. Brown). The interviewer is Eugene Pustoshkin, clinical psychologist, chief editor of Eros & Kosmos. The video has subtitles in English, Russian, and other languages.

David S. Elliott and Eugene Pustoshkin in St. Petersburg, Russia (January 2020)
David S. Elliott and Eugene Pustoshkin

David S. Elliott (USA) — clinical psychologist, specialist in psychotherapy; PhD in Psychology from Harvard University; co-author (with Daniel P. Brown) of the book Attachment Disturbances in Adults which introduces a method for comprehensive correction of attachment dysfunctions; a faculty member of the Harmony Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia; he teaches internationally on attachment, personality, and psychotherapy process. The Integral Dialogue series. Co-authored by Eugene Pustoshkin and Tatyana Parfenova. An initiative of the Integral Space project and the Eros & Kosmos online journal/magazine. The video was recorded in St. Petersburg on January 24, 2020 (first publication May 13, 2020).

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