On visiting the Biohacker Center in Helsinki and meeting Olli Sovijärvi

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Tanya and I visited the Biohacker Center in Helsinki to meet Olli Sovijärvi, MD, the co-author of Biohacker's Handbook (with Teemu Arina & Jaakko Halmetoja), and record a conversation with him (to be published in 2020) about how they use Integral AQAL Framework (as developed by Ken Wilber and his colleagues) to augment and update biohacking practices, which makes their approach a uniquely holistic life practice.

Eugene Pustoshkin & Olli Sovijärvi at the Biohacker Center in Helsinki, Finland. Photo © Tatyana Parfenova

Using the Integral framework instantly makes their comprehensive biohacker practice beyond the reach of any competitors, bringing them to a cutting edge of today's pragmatic thinking as regards to human nature and its potentials (which is a definite advantage over other biohacking approaches).

The interview will be published within our Integral Dialogues series. Its premiere will be in 2020 in our Integral online magazine/journal Eros & Kosmos (both in English and Russian).

Olli Sovijärvi, Tatyana Parfenova, Eugene Pustoshkin at the Biohacker Center (Helsinki, Finland)

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